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Program Outline

Cost to Participants Fore Life, Inc. offers quality programming year round. The annual membership for ON (non-offender) members is $75.00. The membership fee entitles members to over 400 hours of professional training a year. The nominal fee does not include spring and summer empowerment camps.

There is no cost to the OFF (offender) participants who are not yet members until their probation period has been served and/or satisfied before membership to Fore Life, Inc. is granted. It is our goal to demonstrate the greater value of diversion to Fore Life compared to incarceration.

Programs – Curriculum

Fore Life, Inc. currently conducts year round programming with weekly after school and summer two hour sessions. We also offer two and three hour sessions on the weekend. Programming is ongoing and participants are eligible as long as they are under the age of 18 and enrolled in school. All progress is monitored and reported to the appropriate agency.

Fore Life is not a “boot camp”, but a “tie camp”. Young men and women learn to become gentlemen and women. Using the nature of the game of golf to teach the difference has been invaluable. There are no lesson plans at Fore Life. Curriculum is designed to deal with the issues faced by those in the program. The life altering skills and values taught come in direct response to the issues and concerns of the participants. At each session, we deal with and discuss those issues while instilling the 4 Pillars, Fore Life and add Learning Is Forever Evolving.

Success while in Fore Life is measured by participation, attendance and reform. Participants will not be discharged from the program until all previously established criteria are satisfactorily met. Failure to meet all requirements may result in a return to the juvenile judicial system.

Fun & Fitness

In addition to our progressive training that prepares youth for competitive golf and life, we also want to make sure our champions are just as strong physically. All training sessions have a fitness component that focus on endurance, strength and flexibility.



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Our Mission

Our Vision Fore Life

To give all youth exposed to Fore Life the opportunity to realize their full potential. To assure that Fore Life youth are empowered with decision making skills and are challenged with appropriate experiences that make them less vulnerable to the perils of today’s society.

  • Empower Youth
  • Develop Life Skills
  • Build Community Partnerships
  • Raise Awareness and Support





How Fore Life, Inc. Has Changed Lives

Hear from our members how Fore Life, Inc. has positively impacted their lives, enriching both their golf skills and personal growth. Discover the personal stories and successes of those who have benefited from our program.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King.Jr

“I have children of children that have gone through Fore Life.”

Paula Pearson-Tucker

“My family and I are extremely grateful to be members of the Fore Life, Inc. program. Fore Life has enriched our lives tremendously. Fore Life offers us the opportunity to not only pursue our interest in golf but it also serves as a personal enrichment and life skills program for my children. I am happy that they have the opportunity to not only learn the game of golf but also learn valuable life lessons.” Fore Life, Inc. Parent

Alison M. Brooks-Wilson

Fore Life, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) established in 1998 to use the game of golf to give at-risk youth every opportunity to succeed.